Introducing Deeper Than Cotton 2

When you incorporate Street Fighter, Superheroes, Fairy tales and fashion into your original artwork, it’s fair to say you’ve made a fan out of me. So I introduce you all to the Deeper than Cotton 2 collection. These pieces make me feelĀ like he read my mind and put it on canvas!

His main piece, Label whores draws on the artist’s idea that We are all label whores no matter what we buy. We all want the ‘sexy/rich’ image and everyone buys what they buy for a certain reason.


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I Released My Inner Geek!

You would think as much as I’ve loved comics books, cartoons and video games my entire life that I would’ve been to comic con before. Sadly though, I haven’t before last weekend and I inadvertently turned my experience into a 3-day love affair with the place! I missed the Avengers panel šŸ˜¦ but I did meet a few celebs, took a ton of great pics and got some cool takeaways including a plethora of branded t-shirts.

Coolest poster ever

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