OOTD: The Power of the Dark Side

Can I tell you a little secret? I did actually make one New Year’s resolution! And no it isn’t to go to the gym more often, stop drinking so much grape soda or to finally set up that Etsy store (yes…all of those are still on my to-do list). My one resolution is to start doing more outfit posts! So as luck would have it my dear grandmother got me a Belkin LiveAction for Kwanzaa, and I took it as a sign! So here after my first photo shoot of myself, with myself, by myself  and for myself, is my first outfit post of 2013 🙂


This coat is one of my favorites, I got it during my first venture into Pay/Half last year and fell in love! The sleeves are very wide so if you’re like me and always walk with your hands in your pockets it looks like a true cape but it isnt! (Kinda makes me feel like a girly Darth Vader!) Those sleeves are a gift and a curse though, usually it’s not warm enough to wear in dead of winter (wind just flows right up the sleeves!) but I’ve been taking advantage of the mild weather we’ve been having in NYC lately. Continue reading

I’m Cheating On My 54’11s!!

Remember how I mentioned 54’11s are my favorite sneakers in the entire world and nothing would get me out if them?? Well as of this weekend I’m cheating on them with my new loves: a wedge sneaker!

I waited around on this trend thinking it would phase out quick but I think it’s here to stay, for this season anyway. The Isabel Marant wedges, that started the whole show last year are of course sold out everywhere (which I must say is beyond me at $700 a pop) so I went on a little hunt for the next best thing. Here’s a few of my top contenders:

Clockwise from left: Asos Ark Leather Wedge $76 , Asos Deny Wedge High Top $76, Jeffrey Campbell Teramo Sneaker $206, Modcloth Height and Seek Wedge $88, Nike Fast Love Sky High $145

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