My Heart Is Betwixt!


Damn you Melody Ehsani!! Melody Ehsani has created this very special limited edition trainer as a part of Reebok’s BETWIXT Collaboration Ambassador program. They feature python printed leather, 4 lace color options (yellow, red, light blue and oatmeal) and gold studs flanking the heels and collar (have I mentioned I have a thing for studs!?). Can I make a confession? Don’t tell anyone but I think my style is changing! Normally when it comes to sneakers I rock nothing but my beloved 54’11s, and don’t get me wrong I’m still not giving those up! But more recently I’ve had eyes for others, starting with these wedge sneakers I can’t get enough of and now these. Continue reading

54’11s Continue to Own My Soul!!

So one of my New Year Resolutions was to wear more heels and less sneakers, which I’ve done a pretty good job of so far…until I saw these. The Reebok Freestyle Hi 2012 collection is here (time is flying apparently, I could’ve sworn we just celebrated the 25th like last year), in two not very spring-like colors. The first being a Black and Gold combo, with a gold foil detail around the upper and the words ’30th Anniversary’ scripted across the tongue.

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