Protective Style: The Turban/Ninja Bun

Remember how I said fall would be all about the protective styles for me? Well I came across this style via a Youtube tutorial shared on and it seemed like a quick and easy style to do so I decided to try it out. Armed with my $4.99 Marley Hair, a scrunchie, some leave in conditioner, and a few mini-combs we took to the mirror and gave it a shot!

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Let’s Address This Breakage!!

As ya’ll know, I’m partial to anything that’ll get me to not have to do my hair everyday (ie. get a dominican blow-out or ask my sister to braid my hair). So the last time my sister braided my hair she told me something I already knew but wasn’t ready to admit…my hair is shorter than it was the last time she braided it (about 6 months ago). I started noticing the last remnants of my pink streaks leaving a few months ago and I was still in denial BUT I’m coming clean…

Can I have your attention please? I’m experiencing breakage!!

Having had locks for the first 20 years of my life, anytime I brush my hair now I have a slight heart attack at any amount of hair that was left on the brush. It’s something I just wasn’t used to seeing, so I had no idea how much was ‘too much’. For the first 6 months or so after taking my locks out I deep conditioned my hair every Sunday religiously. Lately, unfortunately, I’ve been lazy (FYI lazy= less deep conditioning + more dominican blow outs) which has obviously had a negative effect on my hair (*cues sad violin music*). So with Step 1 being admitting the problem we’re moving on to Step 2- repairing my hair! I did a little research on how to stop breakage and here’s what I’m going to try:

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Late Event Recap: Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Stimulator

Now that NYFW is over and I’ve had my celebratory glass of wine (like I needed an excuse), I can finally sit down and tell you all about my experiences. I had the pleasure of attending Curls Unleashed launch party, which I must say was a step up from the natural hair meetups I’m used to attending. Granted it still wasn’t perfect, but having the scientists who created the products and stylists to show you how to use them was the highlight of my night…besides meeting Kim Coles of course!

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Ouidad? Maybe Not.

I’ve been meaning to share this with you all since last week but #NYCC had me a little distracted. After i successfully achieved a bad hair day post dominican blow-out + rainy day I decided to try out this Ouidad Heat & Humidity Gel I’ve had in my stash forever. I got the hefty sample at a natural hair meetup over the summer and was slightly reluctant to try it as I’d been hearing mixed reactions to the brand.

But as I wasn’t ready to let go of my blowout I figured it was worth a shot. If you’re not familiar with this particular product, it claims to protect against humidity as well as heat damage from thermal styling. So I used a dime-sized amount on each section as I flat-ironed my hair and wrapped it for the night. It left my hands a bit sticky putting it on but my hair wasn’t at all which I was very happy with. In the morning it still looked good (I’m a wild sleeper), slight frizzing in the front but I also didn’t flat iron it much there (I’m paranoid about burning myself) so I didn’t blame the product for that. HOWEVER, as it was still relatively humid the day after I figured this would be the perfect test for the product…check my results:

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Blown-out Afro

I think I’ve found my summer hairstyle! In my attempt to recreate a Dominican blowout (remember how cute my hair came out!?) I figured out how to achieve the big blow dried afro. Its not hard at all, so we wont talk about why it took me so long to figure out I could do it.

But now that I know all you need is a blow dryer, comb attachment, wide tooth comb and leave in conditioner…Im good to go! Tip: detangle with a wide tooth comb first, hair should be wet (obviously) and don’t dry on high heat. Ya’ll know I’m still paranoid about heat damage so I tend to dry on medium heat but high power and it takes about 20 minutes start to finish

I’m loving it!!

The day after the blow-out, and I didnt event wrap it at night! *earrings by RebelChicNYC