Feeling Catty Today!

Something about having animal prints on my nails attracts me, remember my snakeskins!? So when I saw these leopard print falsies from Fing’rs I had to try them out! The new set of limited editions is only $5.99, and I wish I could find out how long they’ll be out because they’d be the perfect shade for the fall. In any case, I’m rockin’ them out this weekend and hopefully through next week- I’m realizing keeping my hair presentable and my nails unchipped is becoming an increasingly difficult task!

Check my nails out 😀


Hair Done, Nails Done!

I’ve been dying to get my hair done especially with this heat and me not having a clue how to manage it yet. Talk about perfect timing, I found out my friend from back in the day does hair. She’s been doing hair as long as I’ve known her I just never knew (see how much I pay attention right?). So me needing a new style and her needing to build her portfolio = I got my hair did! Now that I’m used to my afro touching my shoulders it feels a bit weird to have hair down my back again. I can definitely get used to the get up and go factor of having my braided…even if it is a little tight!

Can we talk about how shiny my forehead is though?

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