Lacquer Saturday: #AugNailPhotoaDay

Instagram just became my new best friend! Let me explain: just like writer’s get writer’s block I imagine artists hit the same wall when they’re in need of creative inspiration. And while I’m no expert yet I do consider myself a bit of an artiste when it comes to nail art. Lately though I’ve been hitting that same wall (as you may have noticed from the lack of Lacquer Saturday posts) and then as if right on queue…enter Instagram, stage left!

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Lacquer Saturday: My Sequin Nails!

I found these two nail colors in Forever 21 a few weeks ago, and for $2.80 each I didn’t see a reason not to try them. So two coats of ‘Charcoal’ later we get this matte but still shiny hue, which for some reason reminds me of a dance floor 🙂


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