The 4th Was With Me!

So I haven’t written a blog post in way too long, but I figured Star Wars Day (and my birthday) are perfect enough reasons to get back over here. I’ve been stepping up my nail art game each year for my birthday…and by ‘stepping up’ I mean paying someone more talented to do it for me…and i am officially obsessed with this year’s Star Wars nail art! I gave artist Fleury Rose of Tomahawk Salon creative reign over my nail art, so long as it included Boba Fett and R2D2 and she rocked it!  Continue reading

Lacquer Saturday: #AugNailPhotoaDay

Instagram just became my new best friend! Let me explain: just like writer’s get writer’s block I imagine artists hit the same wall when they’re in need of creative inspiration. And while I’m no expert yet I do consider myself a bit of an artiste when it comes to nail art. Lately though I’ve been hitting that same wall (as you may have noticed from the lack of Lacquer Saturday posts) and then as if right on queue…enter Instagram, stage left!

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Lacquer Saturday: Ode to Summer

I don’t think I need to remind anyone that it’s been hot as blazes in NYC this week, so as summer is clearly upon us I thought now might be a good time to try out this tangerine color I received as a Klout perk a few weeks ago- Fear or Desire. I paired it with a floral nail bling design from Sephora and it came out even cuter than I expected!


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Lacquer Saturday: I’m Feeling ‘Animal-istic’

As cute as my sequin Sephora Nail Blings were they didn’t last very long through my NYE night, so come Kwanzaa evening I had new ones on:


And in keeping with my call of the wild theme this week one of my new OPI colors came in from Ebay! Part of the OPI + Muppets Holiday collection, Animal-istic is a pretty reddish pink with a metallic finish:

Lacquer Saturday- Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I’ve seen the Sally Hansen Salon Effects before But I’d been relucatant to try them, given that Sephora‘s had a larger (and cheaper) selection. Though the day came that the Salon Effects were on sale at Walgreens, and all signs pointed to trying them out. I bought the blue denim, which came out beautifully and looked very authentic.


I planned on keeping them on for a few days but apparently they had other plans. By midnight all but two of my nails were chipped/peeling (to Sally Hansen’s slight defense I’m not dainty at all). They came off fairly easily with nail polish remover, though for a sticker I wish I would’ve been able to just peel them off.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll bother trying the other color I bought, but as it’s the perfect gold sequin for a party I’ll most likely be trying them out once again