Lacquer Saturday: Feeling Lucky!

I’m not even Irish but I saved this mani just for St. Patrick’s Day. The Prevail green base color I used was much thinner than I’m used to but with the OPI x Muppets color- Fresh Frog of Bel-Air on top it was the perfect tribute to the holiday:

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Lacquer Saturday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

So I meant to post this last weekend, but I got caught up (by that I mean I was playing MW3 all day) so writing my Lacquer Saturday post may have slipped my mind a bit. Better late than never though right? So here we are:


I gave another one of the OPI x Muppets collection colors a try, this one being ‘Warm & Fozzy’. Perfect name for the weather we’ve been having! I wasn’t wildly in love with the way the color looked against my skin tone though, but it’s still a pretty color overall. Using this as a french mani color though may be even better, I’m almost thinking I should’ve done polka dots over the navy manicure and saved the Essie for a lighter color. Continue reading

Lacquer Saturday: I’m Feeling ‘Animal-istic’

As cute as my sequin Sephora Nail Blings were they didn’t last very long through my NYE night, so come Kwanzaa evening I had new ones on:


And in keeping with my call of the wild theme this week one of my new OPI colors came in from Ebay! Part of the OPI + Muppets Holiday collection, Animal-istic is a pretty reddish pink with a metallic finish: