ICYMI: Marvel is Taking Over the Cinematic World!

If you weren’t sure before, you can definitely be certain now, Marvel is getting the full Disney treatment. At yesterday’s #MarvelEvent they announced dates and updates for several new releases, so here’s a quick recap of the movies you should be planning your life around for the next 4 years:


They’ve announced the casting, so I can finally let myself believe that this movie is really happening. Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson + James Brown actor) is assuming the title with the movie to be released November 3, 2017. Luckily for us we don’t have to wait until then to see him as he’ll be making an appearance in the next Captain America well before that. Speaking of which…Captain America: Civil War releases May 6, 2016! Continue reading

Forever 21 x Marvel Comics Presents…


There isn’t much that makes me happier than when fashion and comics collide (besides maybe when shrimp and tequila collide) so you can imagine my excitement for the introduction of Forever 21’s Marvel Collection! Forever 21 is just about everyone’s go-to shop for fast fashion on the cheap (especially their plus-sized line), so when they team up with my favorite comic book/graphic novel publisher greatness has to ensue. That overall excitement however, was not as long-lived as one would hope. For as cute as some of the pieces are, my favorites of which are below, the biggest size offered is a Large. Cue this face: 2z3w0fs

Maybe they think big girls don’t like comics books? Or just not fashion? I’m also a bit confused as to why Superman, Batman, The Flash and the Transformers are included in this collection as none of them have anything to do with Marvel. In any case here’s a few of my favorites from the collection:

Pow Necklace
Pow Necklace

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Marvel Comics Shows Its Support for Gay Marriage!

Truth be told my comic book attention has been mainly on the Avengers vs. Xmen series as of late, but a different series just recaptured my attention with it’s newest issue. As if I wasn’t already a proud Marvel girl, my loyalty was only reaffirmed yesterday when my stepfather came home with this:

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I Released My Inner Geek!

You would think as much as I’ve loved comics books, cartoons and video games my entire life that I would’ve been to comic con before. Sadly though, I haven’t before last weekend and I inadvertently turned my experience into a 3-day love affair with the place! I missed the Avengers panel 😦 but I did meet a few celebs, took a ton of great pics and got some cool takeaways including a plethora of branded t-shirts.

Coolest poster ever

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