Today Is Going To Be EPIC!

Today, and this whole weekend for that matter, is going to be LEGEND- …wait for it…

While we’re waiting:

  1. It’s My Birthday! (I’m 25 today, which makes me feel a little old but completely awesome!)

    Aww thank you Ryan, you’re so sweet!
  2. It’s Star Wars Day!! Not only do you get to tell everyone “May the 4th be with you” all day long, there’s a bunch of awesomeness that goes along with it being Star Wars Day. Like having all sorts of Star Wars book on sale…well does it still count as a sale if they’re free!? In any case, go read!
  3. It’s Free Comic Book Day: And who doesn’t like free stuff? Check here for your local participating stores!524692_590249777659767_1485127163_n
  4. Iron Man 3 came out yesterday! We saw it, loved it and plan to see it again! (Pepper Pots finally gets some action!)
  5. It’s My Birthday!
  6. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo- time for some more Patron!
    I don't always do magic, but when I do I use Patron!
    I don’t always do magic, but when I do I use Tequila!

    7. Tomorrow is also Sith day! (Revenge of the Fifth) So for those of you who have fallen or (or just vacation on) the dark side, we’re celebrating your awesomeness too!

Oh yea you’re still waiting for it…-ARY!

I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing!

If you haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for! Maybe you were waiting for the perfect Star Wars diy snowflakes, in which here you go! We’re hosting Christmas at my house this year so the decorating has been on full blast but now that I’ve found these snowflakes the decorating just might take a turn for the nerdy! Anthony Herrera started making these snowflakes last year and created even more this year for the diy inclined decorators. He has everyone from Admiral Ackbar to Bossk to C-3PO snowflakes available for free download via his website. In the video below he gives a tutorial on his DIY Star Wars Snowflakes:

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