How-To Survive New York Comic Con!

Whether it’s your first or 10th year going to NYCC, you learn something new every year about how to ‘survive’ the it (or any con for that matter). So in preparation for this years NYCC, I’ve compiled what I’ve learned over the past few years into this little list:

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Happy Father’s Day To My #Blerd Dads!

I would say my dad/stepdad (and uncles) are half the reason I’m a geek, but it’s really more like 70%. From introducing me to the X-Men, Star Wars, Kung-Fu Movies and every Nintendo console since the SNES to helping me grow (and restore) my comic book collection and speculating on the upcoming Star Wars movies, both my dads have been such a big part of making me who I am today.

High School Prom Circa 2005

I’m happy to have some of my biggest interests in common with you two, so I thank you both for being geeks that you are and nurturing me into one too! I love you!

My 17th (Cinco De Mayo themed) Birthday Party