Forever 21 x Marvel Comics Presents…


There isn’t much that makes me happier than when fashion and comics collide (besides maybe when shrimp and tequila collide) so you can imagine my excitement for the introduction of Forever 21’s Marvel Collection! Forever 21 is just about everyone’s go-to shop for fast fashion on the cheap (especially their plus-sized line), so when they team up with my favorite comic book/graphic novel publisher greatness has to ensue. That overall excitement however, was not as long-lived as one would hope. For as cute as some of the pieces are, my favorites of which are below, the biggest size offered is a Large. Cue this face: 2z3w0fs

Maybe they think big girls don’t like comics books? Or just not fashion? I’m also a bit confused as to why Superman, Batman, The Flash and the Transformers are included in this collection as none of them have anything to do with Marvel. In any case here’s a few of my favorites from the collection:

Pow Necklace
Pow Necklace

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