Forever 21 x Marvel Comics Presents…


There isn’t much that makes me happier than when fashion and comics collide (besides maybe when shrimp and tequila collide) so you can imagine my excitement for the introduction of Forever 21’s Marvel Collection! Forever 21 is just about everyone’s go-to shop for fast fashion on the cheap (especially their plus-sized line), so when they team up with my favorite comic book/graphic novel publisher greatness has to ensue. That overall excitement however, was not as long-lived as one would hope. For as cute as some of the pieces are, my favorites of which are below, the biggest size offered is a Large. Cue this face: 2z3w0fs

Maybe they think big girls don’t like comics books? Or just not fashion? I’m also a bit confused as to why Superman, Batman, The Flash and the Transformers are included in this collection as none of them have anything to do with Marvel. In any case here’s a few of my favorites from the collection:

Pow Necklace
Pow Necklace

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Lacquer Saturday: I’m in a Hurry!

I’ve realized I’m kind of a last-minute sort of person when it comes to my nails. I decide which color to change them to about 20 min before I need to leave the house, and I haven’t gotten dressed yet. As such I’ve been getting a lot of use from the (so-called) quick dry top coats, which sometimes aren’t as quick as we’d like them to be. So this week I’m sharing my top three picks for the best “quick dry” top coats!

#3: Essie Good to Go- As big of an Essie fan as I am, I have to put their quick dry top coat in last place on this one. It’s not awful, I definitely thought it would dry quicker than it did, but I’d use it again if I’m in a jam.

 #2: Sephora Quick Dry Spray- This one isn’t a polish but instead a spray, and it worked way better than I expected. I tried it out in the store over a Sephora by OPI color I was trying out (I figure Sephora wouldn’t allow you to open nail polish bottles if they didn’t want me to sample them)

Lacquer Saturday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

So I meant to post this last weekend, but I got caught up (by that I mean I was playing MW3 all day) so writing my Lacquer Saturday post may have slipped my mind a bit. Better late than never though right? So here we are:


I gave another one of the OPI x Muppets collection colors a try, this one being ‘Warm & Fozzy’. Perfect name for the weather we’ve been having! I wasn’t wildly in love with the way the color looked against my skin tone though, but it’s still a pretty color overall. Using this as a french mani color though may be even better, I’m almost thinking I should’ve done polka dots over the navy manicure and saved the Essie for a lighter color. Continue reading

Lacquer Saturday: Starry Nights!

I scored once again in Forever 21! I really just went for a cute pair of flats (ended up with a cute pair of wedge booties) but I did find some great nail colors AND I had no idea they made acrylics too! I don’t know if you guys noticed but I’ve been on a nail kick for the longest time, I’m actually thinking about making it a weekly thing here. So when I finally made it to the nail polish bins I’d hit the jackpot. I got a navy and deep pink color, perfect for my fall wardrobe, and I got a really cute gold speckled polish (reminiscent of the sequin nails I did a few months back). Later in the fall I’m sure I’ll be wearing the navy alone but as I’m getting the last days of summer out of my system I love having the gold on top!

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Lacquer Saturday: My Sequin Nails!

I found these two nail colors in Forever 21 a few weeks ago, and for $2.80 each I didn’t see a reason not to try them. So two coats of ‘Charcoal’ later we get this matte but still shiny hue, which for some reason reminds me of a dance floor 🙂


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