Oh Juicy, When will I learn!?

Now ya’ll know I love me some Juicy Couture. Their Viva La Juicy perfume is my fav right now, followed only by Viktor & Rolf‘s Flowerbomb. I’ve been collecting their charms for my bracelet since high school and even back then I was the queen of velour/terry tracksuits. That being said, I clearly have not learned my lesson in regards to their footwear. As a sophomore in college I had a pair of black juicy flats, you know the foldable ones with the all over print? Yea, those. Anyway I wore them to class ONCE and almost cried by the time I got home. I’d never been in that much pain from a pair of flats and needless to say I swore off juicy flats ever since!

via ebay.com

BUT I found the cutest pair of bright blue juicy flats with a flower on the front and had to have them. I figured they mustve figured out the problem and worked it out in the past few years, right? Well folks, apparently the answer is a big fat NO! As cute as my flats are they’re still painful 😦 and as mad as I’d like to be at my beloved JC…clearly I still haven’t learned my lesson!

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