4 Questions with Suzanne Rae!

I’ve been in love with the Suzanne Rae brand since I saw her show this year at New York Fashion Week, so if you haven’t heard of her yet it’s time for you to get acquainted! The women’s ready-to-wear line is both inspired by and made for the empowered and modern woman (which I take to mean New Yorkers!). The Parson’s grad + Brooklynite utilizes experimental draping to create pieces that are feminine yet powerful. She gave me the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her Spring/Summer ’14 line, which of her pieces she’s looking forward to wearing this fall and some of the geekiest things about her!

How and when did you decide to make the jump from economics to a fashion designer? I actually never went into economics as a career. After studying art history in college I went to work for the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York, I thought I might want to become a gallerist and pursue the art world in that manner. Later, Holly’s passing gave me a different perspective on life, and I thought about becoming a doctor. I wanted to find meaning in what I was doing and perhaps go into some kind of service. While I was studying for the MCAT’s I realized I missed the arts and wanted to create. I found fashion to be an outlet where I could better incorporate my interests of women’s studies, art, and economics and also serve society in a sense. I understood fashion more deeply than medicine, and so therefore could make a better impact on society.

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