Deep Condition, Deep Condition, Deep Condition!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 5 months it’s the importance of deep conditioning. Black hair is notoriously dry, especially in it’s natural afro state. Why? I have no idea. Could be any reason from the tightness of your curl pattern to not drinking enough water. The why isn’t really important though, it’s how you deal with it. I prefer deep conditioning once a week, and doing co-washes every few days. Sitting under a dryer for 10-30 minutes with a shower cap on can go a long way with keeping your hair soft, strong and hydrated. I’ve actually left the conditioner in over night before my first time getting my hair blown out at the hair salon.

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Product Spotlight: Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm

Now I’m no stranger to Carol’s Daughter, my family’s been using Lisa’s products since she was still based in Brooklyn! This is the first time however that I’m using their Hair Balm. My mom must probably it a while ago but it’s been sitting in the beauty cabinet for months, and I never noticed it back there until I took an “inventory” of the beauty products we have in the house and decided to try it out.


Initially I used it on my twist out fro as a daily conditioner in between washes. While it does help to condition my afro I had to use a lot to get it to make a difference, so I think I’ll be using the Kinky Curly or Karen’s Body Beautiful more for that purpose.  Now that I’ve blown out/flat ironed it (I’ll do a spotlight on the Hair Rules products I used a bit later) I was looking for something to put in my hair that wouldn’t make it curl back up again. The Hair Balm was perfect! It immediately added a shine and softness to it, that wasn’t like a synthetic hair shine but a healthy natural shine, which I loved. It smells amazing also, I can’t explain the scent but know its GOOD! Now I’m wishing I didn’t use so much of the bottle on my afro and I’d have more to use now, but it’s $13 and I’ve been using it for over a month with about 1/3 left. One drawback: it leaves my hands very greasy when applying and if I, or anyone else, touches my hair my hands end up greasy again :-/ Not a huge deal though so I’m still putting this on my list of favs!