Brunch Review: SoCo Brooklyn

Now that the nice weather is back in full effect, it was time to get back to one of my favorite pastimes: brunch! I found this little spot on Myrtle Ave and I’ve been meaning to try it. So as my auntie Kosi’s birthday just passed we thought SoCo would be the perfect place to go.

Fresh sangria all around!

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Channing In The City Turned 2!!

Last Thursday I had the honor of joining the friend in my head-turned friend in real life, Channing Hargrove in celebrating her 25th birthday and 2 year Blogaversary. I’m so happy with the turn out that she had (seriously who else could get a venue booked to capacity?), and we all had a blast! I’m quite sad I missed Polish Bar of Brooklyn, but I did get to try out Minx nails for the firs time with the help of NailTaxiNYC and they came out wonderful!

We got to meet Channing’s lovely family, and I saw friends- Doshka Harvey-, Christina Brown-, Sereeda of and of course the host of the event Jessica Andrews- Always a pleasure seeing them! Not to mention my fellow FIT classmates the DPiper Twins, who dressed Channing for the event! (Class of ’09 holla!!) Continue reading

Brunch Review: Cornerstone

What was supposed to be a quiet Sunday at home, turned into a Brooklyn trip that included shopping (for more stuff I “needed”) yet another trip to Kum Kau (honestly how can I go to BK and not get Kum Kau?) and my first trip to Cornerstone. I told myself I’d stay home but obviously all it took was a call from Chanelle Sicard to get me on the train! We haven’t been to brunch in a long time, and not wanting to go back to Sotto Voce yet again (even though I was craving their Salmon al Farfalle) we tried out this cute little spot on Adelphi and Dekalb.

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Brunch Review: Piquant

Piquant, meaning pleasantly stimulating or interesting and provocative, makes me wish I still lived in Brooklyn. My mom, aunts and I visited this Park Slope restaurant yesterday to celebrate my aunt Kosi’s birthday. It’s a nice space with pretty decor, but the garden seating outside was just beautiful. The pre-fix menu (which of course included mimosas) left something to be desired, for me at least being that I’m not a fan of eggs but the regular menu made up for that. I had the crab cake AND the tuna sliders (they’re the perfect size if your looking for a light meal), and they were both delicious. A few spoonfuls of the corn chowder my mom ordered were awesome as well, though a tiny bit spicy.

Corn chowder, crab cake sliders, home fries and eggs benedict

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Product Spotlight: Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm

Now I’m no stranger to Carol’s Daughter, my family’s been using Lisa’s products since she was still based in Brooklyn! This is the first time however that I’m using their Hair Balm. My mom must probably it a while ago but it’s been sitting in the beauty cabinet for months, and I never noticed it back there until I took an “inventory” of the beauty products we have in the house and decided to try it out.


Initially I used it on my twist out fro as a daily conditioner in between washes. While it does help to condition my afro I had to use a lot to get it to make a difference, so I think I’ll be using the Kinky Curly or Karen’s Body Beautiful more for that purpose.  Now that I’ve blown out/flat ironed it (I’ll do a spotlight on the Hair Rules products I used a bit later) I was looking for something to put in my hair that wouldn’t make it curl back up again. The Hair Balm was perfect! It immediately added a shine and softness to it, that wasn’t like a synthetic hair shine but a healthy natural shine, which I loved. It smells amazing also, I can’t explain the scent but know its GOOD! Now I’m wishing I didn’t use so much of the bottle on my afro and I’d have more to use now, but it’s $13 and I’ve been using it for over a month with about 1/3 left. One drawback: it leaves my hands very greasy when applying and if I, or anyone else, touches my hair my hands end up greasy again :-/ Not a huge deal though so I’m still putting this on my list of favs!