First Look: Bantu Knot-Out

I gave the “Bantu Knot” technique another try this week (the first time was nothing to write home-or here- about) and I liked how it came out but I inadvertently came up with another technique I’m calling the Two Strand Twist + Bantu Knot style. Creative name right? As uninspiring as the name is, it’s exactly what I did to get this look- two-strand twist first then bantu knot the twist. Yep it was that easy, and being new to this hair thing, easy is the magic word for me!

Maybe my hair’s gotten used to the braid-outs a little too much, or I just forgot how to two-strand twist because my last two-strand twist was just…bleh! So I figured, why not try both techniques together– and voila! Oh and I’m still on the shea moisture 🙂