Hair Done, Nails Done!

I’ve been dying to get my hair done especially with this heat and me not having a clue how to manage it yet. Talk about perfect timing, I found out my friend from back in the day does hair. She’s been doing hair as long as I’ve known her I just never knew (see how much I pay attention right?). So me needing a new style and her needing to build her portfolio = I got my hair did! Now that I’m used to my afro touching my shoulders it feels a bit weird to have hair down my back again. I can definitely get used to the get up and go factor of having my braided…even if it is a little tight!

Can we talk about how shiny my forehead is though?

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Blown-out Afro

I think I’ve found my summer hairstyle! In my attempt to recreate a Dominican blowout (remember how cute my hair came out!?) I figured out how to achieve the big blow dried afro. Its not hard at all, so we wont talk about why it took me so long to figure out I could do it.

But now that I know all you need is a blow dryer, comb attachment, wide tooth comb and leave in conditioner…Im good to go! Tip: detangle with a wide tooth comb first, hair should be wet (obviously) and don’t dry on high heat. Ya’ll know I’m still paranoid about heat damage so I tend to dry on medium heat but high power and it takes about 20 minutes start to finish

I’m loving it!!

The day after the blow-out, and I didnt event wrap it at night! *earrings by RebelChicNYC