I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing!

If you haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for! Maybe you were waiting for the perfect Star Wars diy snowflakes, in which here you go! We’re hosting Christmas at my house this year so the decorating has been on full blast but now that I’ve found these snowflakes the decorating just might take a turn for the nerdy! Anthony Herrera started making these snowflakes last year and created even more this year for the diy inclined decorators. He has everyone from Admiral Ackbar to Bossk to C-3PO snowflakes available for free download via his website. In the video below he gives a tutorial on his DIY Star Wars Snowflakes:

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Christmas List: What My Stylish Side Wants

Round 2 of my Christmas lists is here and this one is all about fashion!A Stylish Jedi Christmas List

Prabal Gurung Cape: This Neiman Marcus + Target collection is giving me all sorts of life and it starts with this cape! Classic but modern and perfect for the holidays…or any day that isn’t dead of winter!

Ugg Bailey Bling: So my aunt India would lead me to believe she’s the most stylish lady in Staten Island (I admit, I have taught her well!) but it is completely her fault that I’ve fallen in love with the Bailey Bling Uggs!  Continue reading

Christmas List: What My Blog Wants

Hey everyone! It’s been a while I know, but I’m back and with a few Christmas lists! (Yes a few) First up, what the blogger in me wants:


Photojojo’s iPhone Shutter Remote– This remote would so come in handy! Not having someone to take pictures for me all the time is part of the reason I’ve only done but so many outfit posts. With this though I could take my own pictures just the way I wanted them…that is until I get my new camera!

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Thank You Gabby!

via people.com

So now that the Olympics are over, and we’ve all had a moment to catch our breath so to speak on all that happened, I want to talk about Gabby Douglas a bit. Having taken gymnastics for 5 summers I can tell you it’s a very segregated sport (I was usually 1-of-2 or 1-of-3 brown girls in the entire camp), so when they announced Gabby’s name during the Olympic trials I was both elated and proud to see her there. She got to the Olympics and quickly became the new ‘American Sweetheart’, both making history and inspiring kids of the next generation to follow their own dreams.

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Brunch Review: SoCo Brooklyn

Now that the nice weather is back in full effect, it was time to get back to one of my favorite pastimes: brunch! I found this little spot on Myrtle Ave and I’ve been meaning to try it. So as my auntie Kosi’s birthday just passed we thought SoCo would be the perfect place to go.

Fresh sangria all around!

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