Birthday Gift to Myself #1: Lego R2-D2

Every year for my favorite holiday, I get myself a an item or two as a birthday gift to myself. So even though toys haven’t been on my birthday list in a while, when I saw the new Lego R2-D2, I had to make an exception!

Part of me has slightly grown to dislike Lego, but thats mostly because the boy consistently leaves them on my floor for me to step on. Maybe I’ll let him help me put R2 together though. Maybe?


The exclusive R2-D2 is appropriately* scheduled for a May 1 release for $179…now excuse me while I go look for some Lego coupons!

*Random Star Wars Fact: Every Star Wars movie was released in May*


Avengers VS. X-Men is Here!!

Today is a happy day ya’ll! See I bought a new Avengers comic a few weeks ago and found a nice surprise in the back page ad:


For those of you who don’t know I grew up an X-Men fan, and now that the Avengers are coming out (and on my birthday no less) it’s only fitting that I read this series too. So with today being the release of the series- it was pushed back a tad-it’s a happy day for all!

*Just had a Lightbulb idea as I was writing this: This series should totally be developed into a movie!*

Got an extra treat for myself at the comic book store: the ever elusive Yoda for my Star Wars collection and Iron Man for my desk 😀


I Released My Inner Geek!

You would think as much as I’ve loved comics books, cartoons and video games my entire life that I would’ve been to comic con before. Sadly though, I haven’t before last weekend and I inadvertently turned my experience into a 3-day love affair with the place! I missed the Avengers panel 😦 but I did meet a few celebs, took a ton of great pics and got some cool takeaways including a plethora of branded t-shirts.

Coolest poster ever

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And the Comic Love Continues…

My next two years are pretty much set as more info on The Dark Knight Rises and the Man of Steel come out in 2012 and 2013, respectively. If you didn’t already know, I’m a slight bit of a nerd, so you could say I’m a bit geeked about this! They’re reintroducing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises which we all know has the potential to go horribly wrong (I’m looking at you Halle) but the picture released by Warner Bros has me thinking they got it right this time. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the genius behind Inception and The Dark Knight, they also cast Tom Hardy as Bane AND a few other Inception stars to appear in the movie so I’m really looking forward to July 2012 right now!

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