Protective Style: The Turban/Ninja Bun

Remember how I said fall would be all about the protective styles for me? Well I came across this style via a Youtube tutorial shared on and it seemed like a quick and easy style to do so I decided to try it out. Armed with my $4.99 Marley Hair, a scrunchie, some leave in conditioner, and a few mini-combs we took to the mirror and gave it a shot!

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Protective Style: Braided Mohawk

As you all know I’ve been on the hunt for new protective styles to wear for the summer, as I plan to do as little manipulation to it as possible for as long as possible! So for my trip to Disney World last week I thought it to be a perfect time to get my hair done so I wouldn’t have to do anything to it for the whole week. I’ve tried a fro-hawk in the past and as my little brother says “it’s like the coolest hairstyle ever” so we gave it a go.


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Wash & Go (Take 2)

As you all may recall I tried the ‘wash & go’ method a few months back…and hated it. The shrinkage I experienced not to mention the dryness (even though I moisturized it before hand) had me convinced it wasn’t the method for me. BUT I may have inadvertently figured out how to do the wash & go to my liking *cues Oh Happy Day*

So after I co-washed my hair I squeezed out the excess water and combed it all back into a ponytail and left it in for a few hours to air dry. Once it felt dry I took the ponytail out and as Mama-Jedi says ‘picked the crap out of it’! I feel like I’m getting the same volume I get when I blow out my hair, without the excess heat and manipulation.

*side note: yes I do in fact have the pick with the black fist on top!

It was a tiny bit too dry so I moisturized it with a little Karen’s Body Beautiful and was out the door…hello summer go-to style #1!!


Let’s Address This Breakage!!

As ya’ll know, I’m partial to anything that’ll get me to not have to do my hair everyday (ie. get a dominican blow-out or ask my sister to braid my hair). So the last time my sister braided my hair she told me something I already knew but wasn’t ready to admit…my hair is shorter than it was the last time she braided it (about 6 months ago). I started noticing the last remnants of my pink streaks leaving a few months ago and I was still in denial BUT I’m coming clean…

Can I have your attention please? I’m experiencing breakage!!

Having had locks for the first 20 years of my life, anytime I brush my hair now I have a slight heart attack at any amount of hair that was left on the brush. It’s something I just wasn’t used to seeing, so I had no idea how much was ‘too much’. For the first 6 months or so after taking my locks out I deep conditioned my hair every Sunday religiously. Lately, unfortunately, I’ve been lazy (FYI lazy= less deep conditioning + more dominican blow outs) which has obviously had a negative effect on my hair (*cues sad violin music*). So with Step 1 being admitting the problem we’re moving on to Step 2- repairing my hair! I did a little research on how to stop breakage and here’s what I’m going to try:

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Ouidad? Maybe Not.

I’ve been meaning to share this with you all since last week but #NYCC had me a little distracted. After i successfully achieved a bad hair day post dominican blow-out + rainy day I decided to try out this Ouidad Heat & Humidity Gel I’ve had in my stash forever. I got the hefty sample at a natural hair meetup over the summer and was slightly reluctant to try it as I’d been hearing mixed reactions to the brand.

But as I wasn’t ready to let go of my blowout I figured it was worth a shot. If you’re not familiar with this particular product, it claims to protect against humidity as well as heat damage from thermal styling. So I used a dime-sized amount on each section as I flat-ironed my hair and wrapped it for the night. It left my hands a bit sticky putting it on but my hair wasn’t at all which I was very happy with. In the morning it still looked good (I’m a wild sleeper), slight frizzing in the front but I also didn’t flat iron it much there (I’m paranoid about burning myself) so I didn’t blame the product for that. HOWEVER, as it was still relatively humid the day after I figured this would be the perfect test for the product…check my results:

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