OOTD: The Power of the Dark Side

Can I tell you a little secret? I did actually make one New Year’s resolution! And no it isn’t to go to the gym more often, stop drinking so much grape soda or to finally set up that Etsy store (yes…all of those are still on my to-do list). My one resolution is to start doing more outfit posts! So as luck would have it my dear grandmother got me a Belkin LiveAction for Kwanzaa, and I took it as a sign! So here after my first photo shoot of myself, with myself, by myself  and for myself, is my first outfit post of 2013 🙂


This coat is one of my favorites, I got it during my first venture into Pay/Half last year and fell in love! The sleeves are very wide so if you’re like me and always walk with your hands in your pockets it looks like a true cape but it isnt! (Kinda makes me feel like a girly Darth Vader!) Those sleeves are a gift and a curse though, usually it’s not warm enough to wear in dead of winter (wind just flows right up the sleeves!) but I’ve been taking advantage of the mild weather we’ve been having in NYC lately. Continue reading

My Heart Is Betwixt!

via MelodyEhsani.com
via MelodyEhsani.com

Damn you Melody Ehsani!! Melody Ehsani has created this very special limited edition trainer as a part of Reebok’s BETWIXT Collaboration Ambassador program. They feature python printed leather, 4 lace color options (yellow, red, light blue and oatmeal) and gold studs flanking the heels and collar (have I mentioned I have a thing for studs!?). Can I make a confession? Don’t tell anyone but I think my style is changing! Normally when it comes to sneakers I rock nothing but my beloved 54’11s, and don’t get me wrong I’m still not giving those up! But more recently I’ve had eyes for others, starting with these wedge sneakers I can’t get enough of and now these. Continue reading

Christmas List: What My Stylish Side Wants

Round 2 of my Christmas lists is here and this one is all about fashion!A Stylish Jedi Christmas List

Prabal Gurung Cape: This Neiman Marcus + Target collection is giving me all sorts of life and it starts with this cape! Classic but modern and perfect for the holidays…or any day that isn’t dead of winter!

Ugg Bailey Bling: So my aunt India would lead me to believe she’s the most stylish lady in Staten Island (I admit, I have taught her well!) but it is completely her fault that I’ve fallen in love with the Bailey Bling Uggs!  Continue reading

Christmas List: What My Blog Wants

Hey everyone! It’s been a while I know, but I’m back and with a few Christmas lists! (Yes a few) First up, what the blogger in me wants:


Photojojo’s iPhone Shutter Remote– This remote would so come in handy! Not having someone to take pictures for me all the time is part of the reason I’ve only done but so many outfit posts. With this though I could take my own pictures just the way I wanted them…that is until I get my new camera!

Continue reading

Fashion’s Night…IN!

Being completely honest here…I’ve kind of been dreading Fashion’s Night Out this year. The first few years were amazing, with great sales, free drinks and GPOY’s being out and about. Last year though FNO took a turn for the overly crowded with previews for collections that weren’t even on sale (I think they forgot the point of FNO) Don’t get me wrong I still had a great night, BUT you couldn’t get me back into SoHo on FNO with a forklift!

That being said, I’m happy to hear some of my favorite designers are having online sales in the spirit of FNO, and who doesn’t love a sale!?

RebelChicNYC is giving shoppers 40% off her handmade leather treasures, now through Sept 9th. There will also be daily product updates so be sure to check back for more!

Yumnah Najah will have flash sales, giveaways and exclusive looks at their upcoming collection starting at 6pm tonight! Use code FNO12 for 30% off until 11pm!

via http://www.yumnahnajah.com

Ainsley NY will be offering a chance to win a complimentary gift with any purchase tonight from 6-11pm

via ainsleyny.com

So if you’re out of town or just don’t feel like braving the madness, you can still participate and get some goodies. Are there any other online sales you’ll be taking part in?

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