Lacquer Saturday: School’s Out

The kiddies may be out for the summer but Ciate’s new Chalkboard Manicure isn’t done with the school year. The matte effect may not be new, and clearly not going anywhere, but the addition of the mini-chalk pens brings it right back to the forefront! Created by Ciaté’s Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Knight, the new collection was made to bring out our inner kid – and what better time for it than over the summer? (Sleepaway camp anyone!?)

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Happy Father’s Day To My #Blerd Dads!

I would say my dad/stepdad (and uncles) are half the reason I’m a geek, but it’s really more like 70%. From introducing me to the X-Men, Star Wars, Kung-Fu Movies and every Nintendo console since the SNES to helping me grow (and restore) my comic book collection and speculating on the upcoming Star Wars movies, both my dads have been such a big part of making me who I am today.

High School Prom Circa 2005

I’m happy to have some of my biggest interests in common with you two, so I thank you both for being geeks that you are and nurturing me into one too! I love you!

My 17th (Cinco De Mayo themed) Birthday Party

Today Is Going To Be EPIC!

Today, and this whole weekend for that matter, is going to be LEGEND- …wait for it…

While we’re waiting:

  1. It’s My Birthday! (I’m 25 today, which makes me feel a little old but completely awesome!)

    Aww thank you Ryan, you’re so sweet!
  2. It’s Star Wars Day!! Not only do you get to tell everyone “May the 4th be with you” all day long, there’s a bunch of awesomeness that goes along with it being Star Wars Day. Like having all sorts of Star Wars book on sale…well does it still count as a sale if they’re free!? In any case, go read!
  3. It’s Free Comic Book Day: And who doesn’t like free stuff? Check here for your local participating stores!524692_590249777659767_1485127163_n
  4. Iron Man 3 came out yesterday! We saw it, loved it and plan to see it again! (Pepper Pots finally gets some action!)
  5. It’s My Birthday!
  6. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo- time for some more Patron!
    I don't always do magic, but when I do I use Patron!
    I don’t always do magic, but when I do I use Tequila!

    7. Tomorrow is also Sith day! (Revenge of the Fifth) So for those of you who have fallen or (or just vacation on) the dark side, we’re celebrating your awesomeness too!

Oh yea you’re still waiting for it…-ARY!

Lacquer Saturday: Spring Is (Finally) Here!

So this Seasonal Affective Disorder stuff is really real! I haven’t much been in the mood to do anything with my nails lately (or much of anything at all) but now that spring has finally sprung- Lacquer Saturday is officially back in full effect!

MamaJedi treated me to a mani yesterday (she’s awesome like that!) and we both got our claws back! Not ready to give up the accent nails just yet, I did a double accent nail with two Julep colors: Rose and Claire, that I’ve had for months and just now opened (I’m awful I know). I didn’t realize how ‘poppy’ these colors were until she put them on but they’re definitely about to be in heavy rotation for the season!

Double Accent Nail Mani

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4 Questions with ShermanPreston!

I had the pleasure of meeting the design duo behind the emerging menswear brand Sherman | Preston a few weeks ago and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since! I know I’m not the only woman that’s ever said/heard the words “There’s nothing like a man in a suit”, and thought ‘damn straight!’. Well ladies, these are the suits you want to see that man in! With an eye for dressing the modern man, the metrosexual (do we still call them that?), Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams decided to skip a SS ’13 line to focus on the A/W ’13 collection entitled “Decadence”. I had the chance to speak with them during NYFW for a bit of insight into their brand:

Who is the ShermanPreston man?

– The SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ man is the guy on the cusp of success. He exudes confidence as he juggles his life, ambition and love simultaneously. Though many view him as a renaissance man, he likes to think of himself as a regular guy, with a hint of flare. He is the quintessential modern day man!

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