How-To Survive New York Comic Con!

Whether it’s your first or 10th year going to NYCC, you learn something new every year about how to ‘survive’ the it (or any con for that matter). So in preparation for this years NYCC, I’ve compiled what I’ve learned over the past few years into this little list:

  • Chargers, portable chargers, Mophies and batteries: taking pictures, tweeting, texting friends ‘where are you?’ and instagramming all day can and will run your batteries down pretty quick. There’s outlets and charging stations all over the place, but they’re usually swarming with people. Portable chargers and especially Mophie cases can be lifesavers! *iPhone tip: put your phone on ‘low-power mode’ early to elongate battery life
  • Snacks: Of course snacks are available at the Javitz Center, but in-line with usual convention center prices they’re pretty ridiculous. Bring a few back ups before you end up spending $10 on some m&m’s!
  • Comfy shoes: I honestly don’t understand the cosplaying in heels thing, but more power to those of you that can handle it. For the rest of us, comfy shoes are on the list of necessities. If not for the trek lovely walk from penn station over to 11th avenue, then do it for the several hours you’ll be standing/walking/posing/shopping and otherwise not sitting. If your costume absolutely calls for heels, invest in a good shoe cushion and some just-in-case flats.
  • Hand Sanitizer: There’s lots of things to touch…and lots of things you’ll wish you didn’t touch. Stock up.
  • Handlers: If you’re going all out for your cosplay, you’re probably going to need some help getting in it, out of it, getting around the con and most importantly…getting to the bathroom. I did an armor set last year and fused the pieces to a one-piece under-suit…bad idea. I still haven’t figured out the best under-suit situation, but having a friend that can hold your armor pieces for you can make the difference between having fun in your cosplay and being pretty miserable.
  • Water (or none): Speaking of bathrooms, let’s talk water. Like the snacks, drinks at the con are pretty expensive, so bringing water or juice might be a good idea to save some dough. However, since the bathroom lines (the girls one anyway) is usually pretty ridiculous, not drinking as much as possible might be the way to go instead. Don’t dehydrate yourself, but I wouldn’t go on an all-night drinking binge the night before either…
  • Cash: (Surprisingly) wifi at the Javitz Center is basically non-existent, which made debit card purchases and atm withdrawals all the more difficult. Keep cash on hand to make any purchases less of a hassle.
  • A Tote bag: If you’re a shopper, or just pick up all the free swag you can find, having one big bag instead of a bunch of small ones will make getting home with said swag much easier.
  • The NYCC app: Keeping track of all the panels, exhibitor locations and photo-op times makes the nycc app pretty much a must-have for me.
  • A Meeting place: Last but not least, if you have a big group coming set a daily meeting spot so the ‘where are you guys’ texts/calls can be kept to a minimum.

Let me know if I missed anything! What’s on your survival list?

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