Lacquer Saturday: School’s Out

The kiddies may be out for the summer but Ciate’s new Chalkboard Manicure isn’t done with the school year. The matte effect may not be new, and clearly not going anywhere, but the addition of the mini-chalk pens brings it right back to the forefront! Created by Ciaté’s Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Knight, the new collection was made to bring out our inner kid – and what better time for it than over the summer? (Sleepaway camp anyone!?)


I’m not the best sketch artist but I definitely tried during a few classes (like anything math related) “back in my day”, but even to this day I find myself doodling every so often. With their chalkboard kit you can doodle and draw to your hearts content, wash it off and draw some more – or seal it with the Mattnificent topcoat.


I have to agree with Ms. Knight, “This simple kit takes me back to being a little girl…I was giddy with excitement”. Doodling + Nail Art = A very happy Jedi!

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3 thoughts on “Lacquer Saturday: School’s Out

  1. I saw this set somewhere. I think it was amazon. I got so excited! lol But, I’ve spent too much on nail polish already recently 😥 I’ll have to get this when I have money.

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