Lacquer Saturday: Spring Is (Finally) Here!

So this Seasonal Affective Disorder stuff is really real! I haven’t much been in the mood to do anything with my nails lately (or much of anything at all) but now that spring has finally sprung- Lacquer Saturday is officially back in full effect!

MamaJedi treated me to a mani yesterday (she’s awesome like that!) and we both got our claws back! Not ready to give up the accent nails just yet, I did a double accent nail with two Julep colors: Rose and Claire, that I’ve had for months and just now opened (I’m awful I know). I didn’t realize how ‘poppy’ these colors were until she put them on but they’re definitely about to be in heavy rotation for the season!

Double Accent Nail Mani

I’m definitely adding a design to the mani at some point but I made I promise I wouldn’t change my mani for at least 3 days!

Of course MamaJedi got her own accent nail action going on- her and our manicurist have dubbed the design Ice Princess using Essie’s Beach Bum Blu. She usually goes for the more neutral colors- so proud of her branching out!

Jeweled Accent Nail Mani

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