The Force Is With Them Both!

There’s a big wedding coming up! (And no I don’t mean the eventual KimYe wedding) The creator of the Force, George Lucas and his girlfriend of seven years, Mellody Hobson have announced their engagement! The two are almost 20 years apart, with Lucas being 68 and Hobson being 43, but they look so cute together! Hobson is a businesswoman and sits on the board of directors for a number of brands, including Starbucks, Estee Lauder, Groupon and Dreamworks (so I sufficiently feel like I’ve done nothing with my life now!)


A secret wedding on Naboo soon perhaps?


PS: Am I the only one on earth who would much rather hear about this pending wedding all year, than any more updates from Kim and Kanye’s debauchery love life?

2 thoughts on “The Force Is With Them Both!

  1. Honestly, Mellody Hobson is like the one of the stellar icons of women’s empowerment in my book, yet it seems like a lot of people do not know of her. I wish that successful women like her were highlighted more often than they are.

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