Protective Style: An Afro Puff!

I should probably clarify, I don’t mean my own afro puff – I mean the wig kind! The other day I had a meeting to go to and woke up realizing my looked, in a word…unloved! So after a quick call with my hairstylist sister we came up with a quick and easy solution:

Step 1: Co-wash

Step 2: Blow it out

Step 3: Throw it in a ponytail

Step 4: Slap that afro puff wig on the back and voila!


And I’m sure you all remember this puff, it has to be at least the umpteenth time I’ve worn it since I stole it from MamaJedi! But it’s so quick and easy to throw on, it’s turned into my go-to accessory. Going out? Afro-puff! Interview? Afro-puff! PTA meeting? Afro puff! …Get my drift??

Braided up? Afro-puff!
Hair braided up? Afro-puff!

This could easily be a mainstay in anyone’s hair arsenal but PLEASE make sure your puff matches your actual hair color! (I shouldn’t have to tell people this, but unfortunately it must be said!) For one reason or another my hair has gone back to black on it’s own, it used to be brown and I guess it got tired of that? Has that happened to anyone else? Anyway mine is jet black but they do have them in more natural colors as well!

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