I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing!

If you haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for! Maybe you were waiting for the perfect Star Wars diy snowflakes, in which here you go! We’re hosting Christmas at my house this year so the decorating has been on full blast but now that I’ve found these snowflakes the decorating just might take a turn for the nerdy! Anthony Herrera started making these snowflakes last year and created even more this year for the diy inclined decorators. He has everyone from Admiral Ackbar to Bossk to C-3PO snowflakes available for free download via his website. In the video below he gives a tutorial on his DIY Star Wars Snowflakes:

The X-Wing looked pretty simple so I gave that one a try first. You’ll need a pair of scissors and a sharp X-acto knife. My own X-acto knife unfortunately was not as sharp as I thought it was so it didn’t come out as great as one had hoped.


BTW have I shown you new new favorite ornament!? Isn’t she cute!?!?


And completely unrelated (sort of) but I had to share this picture my cousin sent me earlier this week, it cracks me up!!!

Isn't this awesome!?
Isn’t this awesome!?

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