Christmas List: What My Blog Wants

Hey everyone! It’s been a while I know, but I’m back and with a few Christmas lists! (Yes a few) First up, what the blogger in me wants:


Photojojo’s iPhone Shutter Remote– This remote would so come in handy! Not having someone to take pictures for me all the time is part of the reason I’ve only done but so many outfit posts. With this though I could take my own pictures just the way I wanted them…that is until I get my new camera!

A Graphic Designer: Yes I want a graphic designer for Christmas! I’ve been playing with tons of wordpress themes for a while now but I think it’s time I spent some time and energy on a true custom layout that just mine. Anyone need an internship!?


WWD Subscription: Gone are the days when I could read all the WWD I wanted for free as a perk of being an FIT student. Now they expect me to pay to read these articles…who do they think they are!? So yes a WWD subscription would be amazing!

A DSLR: Honestly before I started blogging I didn’t think I would ever need another camera. Now the Nikon 1, J1 and a few other DSLR cameras are taking over my dreams! In the meantime though, I’ll settle for this:


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