Have You Noticed NY Comic Con is just like Fashion Week!?

New York Comic Con has come and gone! *Someone cue the Back to Reality by En Vogue* Over this past weekend, while trekking to and from the Jacob Javits center, there was one thought that kept popping into my head: this is like Fashion Week for geeks! Now before you go calling Anna Wintour on me, let me explain. I realize there aren’t too many of us that look forward to (and lose their minds at) both events so let me give you my personal breakdown:

1. There’s new product unveilings: Where Comic Con lacks in runways it more than makes up for in panels where industry leaders announce upcoming product releases and updates. Take for instance the Streetfighter’s 25th Anniversary panel, where Yoshinori Ono announced his plan to revive the beloved 90’s classic, Darkstalkers, for a possible release in Spring ’13 entitled Darkstalkers Resurrection! (Seriously when the trailer for the new Darkstalkers came on we all, including me, lost our minds!) Not to mention Marvel’s announcement of Agent Coulson‘s return to S.H.I.E.L.D. in the upcoming ABC show of the same name (no word on how they’ll explain his return from the dead) + the (re)launch of a slew of comic titles including Secret Avengers, Young Avengers and the (obviously) Hunger Games inspired Avengers Arena.

Can NOT wait for 2013!

2. Celebs galore: Now this is only my second year being able to go to Comic Con so I had no idea you had to pay extra to take pictures and get autographs from the featured celebs BUT apparently you do (remind me to write a letter about that). There were a bunch of celebs there for special panels, like the cast of The Walking Dead (which I still haven’t seen) and 666 Park Ave but there were only three celebs that piqued my interest enough to consider braving the lines and paying money to see in person: Tom Felton, Carrie Fisher and Ian Mcdiarmid. (And I’m going to need you to know who all of them are before continuing any further!) Now each celeb apparently names their own price for autographs so when I heard Palpatine’s price was $125 he was quickly, albeit sadly, crossed off the list. I did get to see Tom Felton Friday night, we had a whole conversation about me being Hermione for Halloween and how he tried to say my name correctly but failed and ohhh that accent!

He signed my book!

3. The Freebies/Vendors: As if it wasn’t enough to just be in the same room as the man who created Streetfighter, which has stolen countless hours of my life, but he was nice enough to sign a poster for me! I bought a bunch of other things, mostly comics, but my newest prized possession is this Star Wars necklace! I wanted to buy one in silver and another in gold but the vendor informed me I had the last one, and the only other one he had he’d given to Carrie Fisher earlier that day *squeals* so the fact that Leia and I are now twinsies more than makes up for the fact that I didn’t get to meet her!

My favorite purchase!

4. Everyone’s Dressed ‘To the Nines’: There may not be too many designer labels making their way through Comic Con but there’s definitely an abundance of cosplay to admire over the weekend, including my own! Here’s a few of my favs:

General Grievous, Katniss Everdeen and Batman
Sailor Pluto
A Jawa (Star Wars)
Harley Quinn
Assassin’s Creed 3 (seriously their details were amazing!)

Did I mention I got in on the cosplay as well? With Kosi from OneCreatesOneself and future Supermodel Kim Farquharson in tow, we turned it out this weekend!

Storm, Nick Fury and Dark Pheonix

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