I’m Cheating On My 54’11s!!

Remember how I mentioned 54’11s are my favorite sneakers in the entire world and nothing would get me out if them?? Well as of this weekend I’m cheating on them with my new loves: a wedge sneaker!

I waited around on this trend thinking it would phase out quick but I think it’s here to stay, for this season anyway. The Isabel Marant wedges, that started the whole show last year are of course sold out everywhere (which I must say is beyond me at $700 a pop) so I went on a little hunt for the next best thing. Here’s a few of my top contenders:

Clockwise from left: Asos Ark Leather Wedge $76 , Asos Deny Wedge High Top $76, Jeffrey Campbell Teramo Sneaker $206, Modcloth Height and Seek Wedge $88, Nike Fast Love Sky High $145

Now if you ask me, Nike should’ve one of the first to put these out but better late than never! So I finally tried on a pair of Steve Madden adaptations and immediately fell in love. I was a bit apprehensive about the silver and beige but I think they’re still neutral enough for everyday wear. Meanwhile the practical side of me wants to get the black pair as well (when they go on sale of course!).

Photo via photos.yournextshoes.com

Outfit post soon to come!! What do you think? Is the wedge sneaker on your fall shopping list?

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