Lacquer Saturday: #AugNailPhotoaDay

Instagram just became my new best friend! Let me explain: just like writer’s get writer’s block I imagine artists hit the same wall when they’re in need of creative inspiration. And while I’m no expert yet I do consider myself a bit of an artiste when it comes to nail art. Lately though I’ve been hitting that same wall (as you may have noticed from the lack of Lacquer Saturday posts) and then as if right on queue…enter Instagram, stage left!


One of my fellow instagramers has put her own spin on the beloved #photoaday that we’re all used to and created one just for nail art enthusiasts. Just what I needed! I must confess though, I thought I could commit to doing everyday on the list but I may have skipped a day or two.

I’m hoping this catches on and we get more #nailphotoaday challenges for the upcoming months, it’s been pretty fun so far!

Day 7: Purple
Day 14: Gold

Even though I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects (I’m partial to the Sephora Nail Bling) I tried them once again for this gold mani 🙂

Day 13: Nail Polish Collection

You never realize just how many nail polishes you own until you put them altogether and count them. I’ve been telling people I probably have around 30-40 polishes…turns out it’s more like 90! You think maybe it’s time I did a giveaway?

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