4 Questions with: Poetik Designs


Harlem Haberdashery’s newest addition, Poetik Design debuted it’s newest collection last night at their exclusive launch party. The uptown boutique is greatly decorated, with photos of Black History legends lining the shop walls. Replete with a limited edition Harlem t-shirt, the new collection pays homage to the designer’s love of music. Nicholas, the design mastermind behind the brand gave me some insight into the line:

Why did you focus this collection on music?
– I don’t play any instruments myself but music has always played a big influence on my life. Anytime I was going through something music was always there for me so I wanted this collection to reflect on that.

Do you plan on expanding the line beyond t-shirts?
– Yes I have some men’s bowties in the works now, those should be on the market this fall and next spring. We’re also working on pocket squares, which we’re really excited about!

Where did the name Poetik Design come from?
– I wanted something that was different and would make people think.

Where did the design for the limited edition Harlem T-shirt come from?
– I’m actually from Mississippi originally but I love the Harlem atmosphere. There’s so many ‘NYC’ and ‘Brooklyn’ tees but you don’t see many for Harlem. With the Harlem Renaissance and so much other Black History that started here I wanted something that represented that also.

This may be the first collection from Poetik Design but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from them, and with the witty puns on their men’s and women’s tees I’ll definitely be on the look out for more! Poetik Design is available at Harlem Haberdashery on Lenox Ave and 123rd street, as well as online. Happy shopping everyone!

Some of the beautiful photos that decorate Harlem Haberdashery


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