Protective Style: Braided Mohawk

As you all know I’ve been on the hunt for new protective styles to wear for the summer, as I plan to do as little manipulation to it as possible for as long as possible! So for my trip to Disney World last week I thought it to be a perfect time to get my hair done so I wouldn’t have to do anything to it for the whole week. I’ve tried a fro-hawk in the past and as my little brother says “it’s like the coolest hairstyle ever” so we gave it a go.


I had the stylist leave my ends out but I figured it wouldn’t be much of a protective style if my ends weren’t covered so I loosely twisted the ends around each other for this little bun effect. Gotta be honest, the braids were a bit tight BUT they loosened after a few days. I was a little afraid to get it wet (I’d never washed my hair in braids before) but thanks to Blizzard Beach I had a fair amount of chlorine to get out of my hair so we co-washed + blew it back out and it was good as new!

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