Brunch Review: SoCo Brooklyn

Now that the nice weather is back in full effect, it was time to get back to one of my favorite pastimes: brunch! I found this little spot on Myrtle Ave and I’ve been meaning to try it. So as my auntie Kosi’s birthday just passed we thought SoCo would be the perfect place to go.

Fresh sangria all around!

For starters it seems like we were the last one’s to discover this place as we go there just before the Sunday morning rush and the place was packed by the time our food came. While their menu is a little limiting for those of us with picky taste buds, I did enjoy my meal, which was a little eclectic even for me! Even though their mimosas aren’t unlimited (I know!), they have some really good soul food and any place that plays Biggie over brunch is good with me 😀

Seriously mussels, mac and cheese and home fries on one table!?

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