Wash & Go (Take 2)

As you all may recall I tried the ‘wash & go’ method a few months back…and hated it. The shrinkage I experienced not to mention the dryness (even though I moisturized it before hand) had me convinced it wasn’t the method for me. BUT I may have inadvertently figured out how to do the wash & go to my liking *cues Oh Happy Day*

So after I co-washed my hair I squeezed out the excess water and combed it all back into a ponytail and left it in for a few hours to air dry. Once it felt dry I took the ponytail out and as Mama-Jedi says ‘picked the crap out of it’! I feel like I’m getting the same volume I get when I blow out my hair, without the excess heat and manipulation.

*side note: yes I do in fact have the pick with the black fist on top!

It was a tiny bit too dry so I moisturized it with a little Karen’s Body Beautiful and was out the door…hello summer go-to style #1!!


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