Let’s Address This Breakage!!

As ya’ll know, I’m partial to anything that’ll get me to not have to do my hair everyday (ie. get a dominican blow-out or ask my sister to braid my hair). So the last time my sister braided my hair she told me something I already knew but wasn’t ready to admit…my hair is shorter than it was the last time she braided it (about 6 months ago). I started noticing the last remnants of my pink streaks leaving a few months ago and I was still in denial BUT I’m coming clean…

Can I have your attention please? I’m experiencing breakage!!

Having had locks for the first 20 years of my life, anytime I brush my hair now I have a slight heart attack at any amount of hair that was left on the brush. It’s something I just wasn’t used to seeing, so I had no idea how much was ‘too much’. For the first 6 months or so after taking my locks out I deep conditioned my hair every Sunday religiously. Lately, unfortunately, I’ve been lazy (FYI lazy= less deep conditioning + more dominican blow outs) which has obviously had a negative effect on my hair (*cues sad violin music*). So with Step 1 being admitting the problem we’re moving on to Step 2- repairing my hair! I did a little research on how to stop breakage and here’s what I’m going to try:

Get a Trim: Parting with a bit of length to save the rest of my hair is an investment we’re going to have to make apparently. This may be something I have to do myself seeing as my dominican salon stylists tend to get a little scissor-happy when I let them trim it (the last time I checked- hacer un punto- doesn’t mean chop off 3 inches -_- ). Cutting off the split ends where they start can prevent further splitting though, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Seal Your Ends: I’ve heard this ‘sealing’ word all over the place but to be honest I’ve never had a clue what it really meant or why I should be doing it. Sealing- locking in moisture- should happen while your hair is in it’s most moist state (ie. when it’s wet). I’ve been doing the exact opposite (co-wash-let it dry-get too lazy to braid my hair-get up hours later with dry hair and single strand knots) so clearly that pattern needs to change! Now that I am ‘sealing’ my hair right after washing it I have noticed it feeling moisturized longer, and I use leave-in conditioners/refreshers less often.

Protective Styling: I’ve been talking about doing protective styles for months and I’ve yet to do any. Now it’s time to actually get with the program and do some protective styling instead of just talking about it. Once I figure out how to tie my scarves a la June Ambrose (ie. without looking crazy) that’ll be my first go-to protective style! And if I can’t figure that out, guess who’s taking a trip to the wig shop!?

Deep Conditioning: YES I KNOW!! I’ve talked about deep conditioning many times before and for a while I was good with keeping up my weekly schedule…then I got lazy. Ever heard the saying ‘Be good to your hair and it’ll be good to you’? Consistency is key in this game and this is one tactic I need to stick to. (That goes for you too- if it works for your hair stick with it!)

Treat Your Ends Like You Treat Your Elders: Your ends are the oldest part of your hair so they need a little more TLC than say your new growth. Paying a little more attention to your ends can make a huge difference in the long run!

This is by no means an all inclusive list of how to repair hair breakage and length retention! So if you have other method that work, please feel free to share!

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