Channing In The City Turned 2!!

Last Thursday I had the honor of joining the friend in my head-turned friend in real life, Channing Hargrove in celebrating her 25th birthday and 2 year Blogaversary. I’m so happy with the turn out that she had (seriously who else could get a venue booked to capacity?), and we all had a blast! I’m quite sad I missed Polish Bar of Brooklyn, but I did get to try out Minx nails for the firs time with the help of NailTaxiNYC and they came out wonderful!

We got to meet Channing’s lovely family, and I saw friends- Doshka Harvey-, Christina Brown-, Sereeda of and of course the host of the event Jessica Andrews- Always a pleasure seeing them! Not to mention my fellow FIT classmates the DPiper Twins, who dressed Channing for the event! (Class of ’09 holla!!)

Photo Credit: Bayyina Black (
Photo Credit: Bayyina Black (
With Jessica Andrews of the

Unfortunately I didn’t win any of the wonderful giveaways but I did buy a cool brooch from EndlessNoiseNYC, and I can’t wait to see what else she and Yumnah Najah jewelry have to offer! Of course having brands like OPI, NCLA and CND there was an extra special treat for nail art lovers like moi 🙂

I have to say,  Channing’s event was one to be rivaled and one can only hope that their own 2 year blogaversary party could turn out this amazing! Kudos to her for throwing such a wonderful party , and cheers to many more!

2 thoughts on “Channing In The City Turned 2!!

  1. I adore you!! Thank you so much for coming. I had a wonderful time and it was great seeing you. I want you to throw a bloggaversary party, too!!

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