Lacquer Saturday: Frenchies & Glitz

I know I’m posting a little late guys, but having two teeth pulled and trying to blog after was just a futile mission. Now that my pain killers have kicked in though, I’ve pulled it together! So last week, on some random spontaneous whim, I got acrylic french tips. I’ve always liked french manicures and since my nails have had a habit of growing a little bit but breaking a lot I decided to give them a rest and go for the tips. Now as a kid I wasn’t allowed to get tips so this is actually the third time in my life I’ve ever gotten them and the first time in two years.


Half way through the week, (because I just have a short attention span) I opted to try out one of my new Essie colors- Mesmerized- on top of the frenchie. *I figured out I can paint over acrylic tips and take the colors off as along as I’m using non-acetone nail polish remover* I must admit also, not having to add a base coat or cut/file my nails before hand is something one could get used to! I added a little sparkled with one of the colors from a Stila set I just bought and they went together perfectly.



What do you think!?

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