54’11s Continue to Own My Soul!!

So one of my New Year Resolutions was to wear more heels and less sneakers, which I’ve done a pretty good job of so far…until I saw these. The Reebok Freestyle Hi 2012 collection is here (time is flying apparently, I could’ve sworn we just celebrated the 25th like last year), in two not very spring-like colors. The first being a Black and Gold combo, with a gold foil detail around the upper and the words ’30th Anniversary’ scripted across the tongue.

Pic courtesy of Reebok.com

They also have a cream version of the kicks, which are a bit more girly than the black/gold. With a gold swirl design and rhinestones around the upper, the Olympic sneakers are more than cute and would do well toning down a neon outfit for spring. Clearly Reebok is doing it’s own thing when it comes to seasonal trends/colors…not that it has any bearing at all whatsoever in keeping me from buying these!

Pic courtesy of Reebok.com

Once these find their way into my closet it may be a while before I talk myself into wearing heels again! Tell me I’m not the only 23 1/2 year old sneaker girl left in the world!?

4 thoughts on “54’11s Continue to Own My Soul!!

    • They’re on sale now! You can find them at Reebok.com but I’m sure they have them at a number of other retailers (Just saw them on Ebay the other day!)

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