Brunch Review: Cornerstone

What was supposed to be a quiet Sunday at home, turned into a Brooklyn trip that included shopping (for more stuff I “needed”) yet another trip to Kum Kau (honestly how can I go to BK and not get Kum Kau?) and my first trip to Cornerstone. I told myself I’d stay home but obviously all it took was a call from Chanelle Sicard to get me on the train! We haven’t been to brunch in a long time, and not wanting to go back to Sotto Voce yet again (even though I was craving their Salmon al Farfalle) we tried out this cute little spot on Adelphi and Dekalb.


I’m not sure how long Cornerstone has been there but by mid afternoon the line was to the door, so I’m glad I finally got up early for once! I was a bit saddened by the grits I ordered, I’m realizing (for me at least) grits might be one of those dishes you have to make yourself. I would’ve expected at least some seasoning in it, black pepper/salt/butter/anything…but I won’t rant. I tried the Salmon Burger, which on the other hand was superb. I wish we knew the mimosas weren’t unlimited before we had 3 each, since we didn’t order off of the ‘brunch menu’ which we also didn’t realize we did until we got the bill.


I don’t eat eggs so I can’t attest for how good Chanelle’s dish was, but I did try the homefries…delish! Unexpected bill aside we enjoyed the meal and the experience, we’ll just be sure to order off the brunch menu next time!


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