It’s My Blogaversary!!!!!

It’s my one year Blogaversary!! I don’t have anything special planned…unless you count work and trying out my new curling iron later to be special. I started this blog as my way of chronicling my natural hair journey (which also means it’s my hairaversary haha!) and it’s grown to a lot more than that. Seriously I can’t remember the last time I’ve talked about my hair, which I promise will change this year too.

I want to thank all of you though for sticking around, reading, following and giving me new ideas. 2012 is starting off as a great year and I’m looking forward to sharing much more with you guys 🙂

I feel like that little speech warrants me including Rihanna’s “Cheers” song in this post…but alas it’s Monday. We may toast with a glass of Moscato later though!

PS. I was feeling a little talkative this weekend, so I’ve added a little (a lot) more to my about page!

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