Leather Jewelry + Vintage Buys

Im super late posting this but that has nothing with how much I enjoyed the RebelChicNYC trunk show. I finally got the grey drop earrings I’ve been wanting forever, and of course lusted over all of Tish’s new items!


Spring drops, my favorite style!


These necklaces were the perfect weight, and beautifully hand wrapped in leather.

Spring hoops in pink, yellow, aqua, green and purple
The drops may be my favorite style but those gold hoops have a special place in my heart!
Bowtie necklaces and brooches
Grey leather drop earrings that have been haunting my dreams

I’ve been wanting a fur piece also and I tried on a fur cape…and loved it! I’ve kind of been a little shy towards fur, in fear it would make me look like a big bear or something but I took a chance, bought the cape and everyone loved it!

photos by Ptah Hotep of Tehuti Images
photo by Ptah Hotep of Tehuti Images

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