Kwanzaa Wish-list: Some Awesome Headphones

As you all may have noticed I never posted any Christmas wish-lists (that wasn’t completely intentional) but I still wanted to share my wish-list(s) with you, so here’s the first. I’m always in need of a new pair of headphones, as I’m a slight bit accident prone, but these pairs seem too cute to pass up:

Beats by Dr. Dre: Honestly who doesn’t want a pair of these? Even though at about $300 they’re not in everyone’s budget, I’m keeping these on my wish-list as an aspiration…or a hint! (not to mention they’re pink!!)

SOL Republic: The silver and white may be a little plain but with some DIY crystallizing they’d be perfect!

SkullCandy x KidRobot: Like I need another reason to be buying KidRobot! I don’t usually wear too much blue but I’d make an exception for these in a hearbeat.

Eskuche iGLD: I have to admit these might look a little gaudy after the holidays but with a little DIY love we could make them year-round chic 🙂

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