Lacquer Saturday- Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I’ve seen the Sally Hansen Salon Effects before But I’d been relucatant to try them, given that Sephora‘s had a larger (and cheaper) selection. Though the day came that the Salon Effects were on sale at Walgreens, and all signs pointed to trying them out. I bought the blue denim, which came out beautifully and looked very authentic.


I planned on keeping them on for a few days but apparently they had other plans. By midnight all but two of my nails were chipped/peeling (to Sally Hansen’s slight defense I’m not dainty at all). They came off fairly easily with nail polish remover, though for a sticker I wish I would’ve been able to just peel them off.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll bother trying the other color I bought, but as it’s the perfect gold sequin for a party I’ll most likely be trying them out once again

7 thoughts on “Lacquer Saturday- Sally Hansen Salon Effects

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