Lacquer Saturday- Sephora Nail Bling

I may have been preoccupied with Comic Con today but I still (kind of) figured out how to get you guys this tutorial! I give you- Sephora Nail Bling!


The main ingredient besides the nail bling being a scissor and/or nail clipper, match each nail bling to your nail size.
Their going to be too long and since they’re glue based I recommend pressing them on uncut nails. Once their on, cut your nail + the bling down and they’ll be the perfect length!


The result is mimosa ready nails! Enjoy!!


5 thoughts on “Lacquer Saturday- Sephora Nail Bling

  1. I’ve purchased these too, but have yet to try them. Did you use a base coat like the directions tell you too? And what do you think of wearing a coat of colour to make the silver pop even more?

    • I didn’t use a a base coat (didn’t even read the directions) but I have thought about wearing a coat of color to see how it looks, I’ll definitely post it once I do!

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