Lacquer Saturday: Introducing Curtsy & Bow!

Seems like every time I get my hair done I do my nails too…not that I’m complaining! I got an invite the other day to what I thought was a nail polish trunk show, but actually was an open house for new condos in Harlem. Serves me right for not reading the whole invite, but I saw the words ‘nail lacquer’ and rsvp’ed immediately! There I met Curtsy and Bow owner, Melissa, whose luxury organic nail lacquer brand just launched this summer. Already sold in a number of Brooklyn nail salons and available online, Melissa named her brand after her love for bows (she even has one tattooed on her foot!) and a testament to the underused curtsy. “The curtsy is so ladylike, it was common years ago and we never do it anymore” says Melissa. Having grown up in a nail salon, Melissa founded her brand as the answer the toxicity of traditional nail polishes she was exposed to as a child.


The mineral based polishes strengthen nails and protect from peeling and weakening, a problem I’ve been struggling with for longer than I’d like to admit. All her colors were beautiful but I fell in love with the Shiraz with tha Stahz. For some reason it reminds me of Vegas, especially after she added the glitter top coat to my pinkies. Did I mention the polish is also quick drying? Not that it kept me from smudging a nail halfway home (clearly I’m not the dainty type) BUT all my other nails came out perfect! Loving Curtsy and Bow!

*Curtsy and Bow is against animal testing

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