Hair Done…again!

Since the first time I got my hair braided and took them out entirely too quick I’ve been dying to either get them done again or teach myself to braid. So guess what happened!?…I asked my sister to do it!! With my moms ponytail (I’m sorry ya’ll haven’t a clue what it’s made of) added to the back for extra cuteness I’m set!


Not only did she put her own spin my design idea, but she did it in record time! And yes folks she does do hair (kids too!). So with my idea to keep my hair either blown-out or braided all winter I’m definitely keeping this style for a while longer than I did the last time. Any day My hair is done in 5 min or less is a great day for me!

My camera in the mirror *iPhone pose LOL

3 thoughts on “Hair Done…again!

  1. Akua,

    Love the new “do”. It was a pleasure hanging out with you at Samatha House’s Penthouse Party.

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